How to properly write a research paper

1. Choose a Topic: Start by choosing a topic that interests you and is relevant to your course.

2. Do Your Research: Once you’ve chosen a topic, do some background research to make sure you’re familiar with the subject.

3. Create an Outline: Create an outline of the main points you want to make in your paper.

4. Write a Thesis Statement: A thesis statement is a sentence that sums up the main point of your paper.

5. Write the Body: Write the body of your paper, using your research and outline to guide you.

6. Write the Introduction and Conclusion: Introductions and conclusions should be brief and should serve to introduce and summarize the main points of your paper.

7. Edit and Proofread: Once you’ve written your paper, make sure to edit and proofread it for any errors.

8. Cite Your Sources: Make sure to properly cite any sources you use in your paper.