How to write a comparison contrast essay

A comparison contrast essay is an essay in which you compare two objects, people, places, or ideas and then contrast them.

1. Start with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should state the two subjects you are comparing and contrasting, and how they are similar and different.

2. Brainstorm similarities and differences between the two subjects. Make a list of points and then decide which points are the most important and interesting to focus on in your essay.

3. Organize your essay. You can organize your essay using either a point-by-point or a block method. For the point-by-point method, you will discuss each point of comparison or contrast in a separate paragraph. For the block method, you will discuss all the points of comparison or contrast for one object in one paragraph and then all the points of comparison or contrast for the other object in the next paragraph.

4. Write your essay. Begin by introducing your two subjects and then explain how they are similar and different. Be sure to use transition words to help your reader follow your argument.

5. Conclude your essay. Summarize your main points and explain why your comparison and contrast is important.

Following these steps will help you write an effective comparison contrast essay. Good luck!