How to write a grad school essay

1. Begin your essay by introducing yourself and your background. Explain why you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree and why you are interested in the particular program you are applying to.

2. Explain how your current experiences and qualifications make you a strong candidate for the program. This can include any relevant work or volunteer experience, academic achievements, or awards.

3. Describe any challenges or obstacles you have faced in your life and how you overcame them. Demonstrate how these experiences have made you a stronger person and how they have prepared you for graduate school.

4. Articulate your future goals and how the program you are applying to will help you achieve them. Explain how the program will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to reach your goals.

5. Conclude your essay by reiterating your interest in the program and how it will help you reach your goals. Express your enthusiasm for the program and your commitment to making the most of the opportunity.