How to write an admission essay

1. Start by brainstorming. Take time to think about your experiences, values, and goals. Consider what you have to offer the college and what you are looking to gain from the experience.

2. Create an outline. Once you have a few ideas of what to include in your essay, create an outline. This will help you organize your thoughts and create a logical flow.

3. Write your introduction. This should be an engaging opening that will draw in the reader. Make sure to include a hook and a thesis statement.

4. Write the body of your essay. This should include your experiences, values, and goals. Explain why you are a good fit for the college and how you will contribute to the school.

5. Write your conclusion. Summarize your points and explain why you are the best candidate for the college.

6. Proofread. Make sure to read through your essay for any errors or typos. Have someone else read it to get a second opinion.