How to write an interview paper

1. Plan the structure of your paper. Before you start writing, it is important to have a clear idea of what your paper will look like. Decide on the main points you want to make, the order in which you will present them, and the evidence you will use to back up your claims.

2. Develop your thesis statement. Before you start your interview, you should have a clear idea of the point you are trying to make in your paper. This will serve as your thesis statement and guide the rest of your paper.

3. Prepare for your interview. Before you meet with your interviewee, research the topic and prepare a list of questions. This will help you stay focused during the interview and make sure you get the information you need.

4. Conduct your interview. Make sure to take notes during the interview so you can refer back to them later. Ask follow-up questions to make sure you understand the answers and to get more in-depth responses.

5. Write your paper. Start by introducing the topic and your interviewee. Then, summarize the main points of the interview and explain how they support your thesis. Finally, conclude with a statement about the implications of the interview.

6. Proofread and edit. Make sure to read through your paper and check for any typos, grammar mistakes, or factual errors. You should also make sure your paper flows logically and that your arguments are well-supported.