How to write college application essays

1. Start early: Begin your essay as soon as possible so you have plenty of time to develop your ideas and edit your work.

2. Brainstorm: Brainstorming is an important part of the writing process. Take some time to think about the topic and what it means to you. Consider your experiences, values, and beliefs and how they relate to the topic.

3. Research: Research the topic and find out what other people have written about it. This will give you a better understanding of the topic and help you come up with ideas for your own essay.

4. Outline: Create an outline for your essay. This will help you organize your thoughts and ensure that your essay flows logically.

5. Write: Once you have your outline, you can begin writing your essay. Be sure to include facts and evidence to support your arguments.

6. Edit: Take time to review your essay and make any necessary changes. Check for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure your essay is clear and concise.

7. Submit: Once you are satisfied with your essay, submit it to the college. Make sure you follow any instructions provided by the college and submit your essay on time.