How to write narrative essay

1. Choose a topic: Select a topic that you find interesting and that you can write about in an engaging way.

2. Outline your story: Create an outline of the main points you want to make in your narrative essay. This will help you stay organized and focused when writing.

3. Create a setting: Establish the time, place, and atmosphere of your story.

4. Introduce your characters: Introduce the characters in your story and give them distinct personalities and traits.

5. Develop the plot: Create a plot that will keep readers interested in your story.

6. Write dialogues: Add dialogues between characters to bring the story to life.

7. Describe the events: Describe the events of the story in detail.

8. Show, don’t tell: Use vivid descriptions and sensory details to show the reader the events of the story rather than simply telling them.

9. Reflect on the events: Reflect on the events of the story and the lessons you learned from them.

10. End your story: End your story with a satisfying conclusion.