How to write the perfect college essay

1. Brainstorm: Take some time to think about yourself and your experiences. What topics or stories could you tell that would show the admissions committee who you are and what makes you unique?

2. Outline: Once you have a few ideas, create an outline. Think about the beginning, middle, and end of your essay. What points do you want to make? How can you structure your essay to make it most effective?

3. Write: Once you have your outline, start writing. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling at this stage. Just focus on getting your ideas down.

4. Edit: Once you have a full draft, review it and make any necessary changes. Make sure your essay is clear, concise, and engaging.

5. Proofread: Once you’re happy with your essay, read it over several times and make any final edits. Make sure it is free of any typos or errors.

6. Submit: Once you’re confident in your essay, submit it to the college. Good luck!