Writing a reaction paper

A reaction paper is a type of written assignment that requires you to express your opinion and thoughts on a certain topic. It is usually written in response to a book, article, lecture, or other source material.

When writing a reaction paper, it is important to remember that your opinion should be based on your own personal experience and knowledge. It is not necessary to agree with the author or speaker, but you should be able to explain why you have a different opinion.

Start your reaction paper by summarizing the main points of the source material. This will help you to focus your thoughts and provide a foundation for your reaction. Make sure to include any key quotes or information that you will be discussing in your paper.

When expressing your opinion, be sure to use evidence to support your argument. This could include personal anecdotes, facts, or research from other sources. Be sure to cite any sources that you use.

End your reaction paper by summarizing your opinion and providing a conclusion. This should provide a summary of your thoughts and a reflection on the source material.

Remember to use proper grammar and punctuation when writing your reaction paper. Be sure to proofread your paper before submitting it.