Writing your dissertation

1. Start by creating an outline of your dissertation. This should include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussions, and conclusion.

2. Begin researching and writing the introduction. This should explain the purpose of the dissertation, the problem you are addressing, and why this problem is important.

3. Write the literature review. This should include a comprehensive review of the relevant literature and provide an overview of the current state of knowledge on the subject.

4. Develop the methodology. This should include an explanation of the methods you will use to collect and analyze data.

5. Collect and analyze data. This should include any data collection methods you used and the results of your analysis.

6. Write the results and discussion. This should include a summary of your findings and an interpretation of what they mean.

7. Write the conclusion. This should provide a summary of your dissertation, discuss any implications of your findings, and suggest any further research that could be done.

8. Revise and edit your dissertation. This should include checking for grammar, clarity, and accuracy.

9. Submit your dissertation. This should be done according to the guidelines of your department or school.